What’s Your Story?

Employers want to know the theme of your career path. What are your strengths? Your weaknesses? Through my ability of crafting stories, I will assist you in articulating a compelling narrative of your working life.
— Dream Jordan

Dream Jordan became the author of her own career path after resigning from an Executive Assistant role to live the full-time writing life. Leading up to this decision, Dream interviewed with over 100 companies in a tenacious search for the right fit. Owing to her wide exposure to various organizations and interviewing styles, she has gained expertise in coaching job seekers on how to craft their own “story.”

Dream provides a unique, empowering approach on how to use proactive language, navigate trick questions, and understand nuances throughout the interview process. In short, she teaches you how to sell yourself.

“Tell me about yourself,” is the most basic, yet dreaded question at the outset of an interview. But after a single coaching session with Dream Jordan, you will be able to answer this question - and more - with ease, confidence and grace.

- A Two-Part Private Coaching Session -

In the first session, you will:

  • Identify the theme of your career path

  • Choose your top five toughest interview questions (of a non-technical nature)

  • After assessing your skill set, Dream will assist you in creating/revising your answers

In the second session, you will:

  • Rehearse your answers with Dream

  • Be made aware of subtle words you often use that could unintentionally raise a red flag

  • Go over the questions to ask (and not to ask) during the post interview phase


“I’m an attorney looking to move into marketing. Dream asked me the right questions to bring out my portable skill set. I can now walk into interviews with a template of answers and unshakeable confidence.” Christine P.

“Dream provided me with the tools needed in order to highlight my accomplishments and forgive myself of past errors during interviews.” Elizabeth N.

“I have been at the same job for 10 years and my interviewing skills were quite rusty. Dream not only refreshed my outlook, but she also showed me how to provide a seamless story, which impressed the interviewer and landed me my dream job.” Josh M.

“I was a stay at home Mom with very little work experience. I was apprehensive about joining the workforce. But thanks to Dream’s interview coaching, I was able to land a temp job which turned into a permanent position with an impressive corporate firm.” Jacqueline T.


Appointments by referral~

For more information on fees and availability, contact: bydreamjordan@gmail.com