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“Teen readers will relate to the smart, strong-willed protagonist, Kate….This novel has the makings of a YA classic, and every YA collection should have a copy.” – Vanessa J. Irvin Morris, Drexel Univ., Philadelphia – Library Journal

 “Dream Jordan’s Hot Girl is a fantastic first novel…the content reflects the struggles and choices facing a young girl wanting to belong with her peers and also within a family. My students have showered accolades on Hot Girl.” – Amy Cheney – School Library Journal

 “Librarians will be pleased with an urban fiction offering that does not drag its characters through melodramatic depravity but instead shows teens how it is possible to consciously choose the direction of one’s life.” –Diane Colson – Voya

 “You'll [relate] to the insecurities and conflicts Kate faces, much like those of any red-blooded American teenage girl…a very enjoyable read, a realistic portrayal of what it's like to be a teen growing up in NYC, in its plot, emotion, and language.” - Patricia Woodside,

“Characterizations are strong, and voices realistic….Jordan sends a message about doing the right thing.”- Emily Anne Valente, New York Public Library – School Library Journal

 “With authentic dialogue and honest situations, [Hot Girl] will resonate with teens…Many readers will unconsciously absorb some of Kate’s grit, determination, and hope by the end of this realistic novel.” – Frances Bradburn – Booklist Online



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“Kate’s pitch-perfect voice raises the book above the level of a simple problem novel; once again, she is strong, vulnerable, witty and expressive in the face of misfortune and hostility. An engaging follow-up with a worthy message.”  Kirkus Reviews

 “There are certainly some good lessons to be learned from “Bad Boy” and it’s a book I definitely recommend…Dream Jordan is definitely a talent I’m looking forward to reading more from.”  Portrait Reviews

 “A compelling, believable story. Readers will be glued to the pages as Percy’s sweet words and deeds are followed by insults and controlling behavior…Jordan’s book can be an excellent resource to women young and old about what to look out for.” Leslie Frohberg, RT Book Reviews

 “Bad Boy is an amazing book…The author does an amazing job of telling the story through Kate’s witty and funny words. The story is very believable and so are the characters. I recommend this book for lovers of realistic fiction. This is a book every teen should read.” Flamingnet Reviews

 “Bad Boy by Dream Jordan [tells] a story that not every girl could relate to but, could learn from…5 star rating.” Tabitha Graves, Urban Reviews

“Bad Boy by Dream Jordan is an amazing book. Funny…realistic fiction. This is a [story] every teen should read.” - Litpick Reviews