No matter your station in life, the journey of self-discovery can begin at any age. Dream Jordan


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“When I get my college degree, I’m still shouting out Brooklyn and keeping it me...”

Kate’s plan. In her own words. And in her world, forgetting your roots is a flagrant foul. A lover of basketball and good books, this girl has heart. At the age of fourteen, Kate is focused and determined to succeed. She has “gem-ified” (see definition in Bio Section) her harrowing backstory and is courageously moving forward. But when her best friend visits South Africa for the summer, Kate meets a temporary bestie with bad intentions. Soon, she finds herself headed backwards, down a familiar path of peer pressure.

Once Kate manages to close the chapter on a hard lesson in friendship, she unknowingly opens up her heart to unhealthy love.

LOVE ME OR MISS ME is a compilation of the award-winning books, “Hot Girl,” and “Bad Boy.” It is a must read, a movement, a testament to the power of second chances - both with its protagonist and its author (see Bio Section. Dream Jordan has quite a backstory of her own).

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