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A Gem Grows in Brooklyn…

At the age of fourteen, Kate has finally found a place to call home. She has *“gem-ified” her dreary backstory in foster care, and her mind is set on success.

But when Kate’s best friend visits South Africa for the summer, she gets super lonely and settles for a temporary bestie with bad intentions. Soon, fast vibes, stylish clothes, and boy chasing snatches all of Kate’s focus. Now she finds herself headed down a familiar path of reckless peer pressure.

Once Kate manages to close the chapter on a hard lesson in friendship, she unknowingly opens up her heart to unhealthy love.

LOVE ME OR MISS ME is a compilation of the award-winning books, “Hot Girl,” and “Bad Boy.” It is a must read, a movement, a testament to the power of second chances - both with its protagonist and its author. Dream Jordan has quite a backstory of her own.

*See the “Gemification” tab for definition.*

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