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An Inspirational Journey

Dream Jordan was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. At an early age, books were her obsession, her passport to other worlds. She received straight A’s in grade school. But junior high opened up a can of defiance.

Suddenly, Dream found herself laser-focused on brand name clothing, cutting class and succumbing to peer pressure. Swiftly ejected from the gifted program, she would no longer skip the eighth grade. “Oh well.” She shrugged. “Whatever.”

Her nonchalance continued in high school. Aimlessness. Left back in the 10th grade. If it weren’t for the alternative high school, City-as-School, where the focus on internships removed her from the pressure of keeping up appearances, Dream would have surely dropped out.

Fortunately, Dream never forgot her teen struggles. First, she enrolled in NYABJ’s First-Take journalism workshop to hone her reportage chops. Then, thanks to “Youth Communication,” a youth-centered, non-fiction publication, she received her first official byline.

For the first time ever, she had independently put herself out there, and Youth Communication welcomed her with open arms. Consequently, seeing her name in print, bolstered her confidence and renewed interest in higher learning.

Dream made up for lost grades and graduated magna cum laude from New York University with a B.A. in Creative Writing. When her college bestie marveled over her imaginative literary voice - so fitting for young people - Dream declared, “Say no more!” and penned her first YA novel, “Hot Girl,” closely followed by “Bad Boy.”

Dream set out to write a book that celebrates the resilience of “Kate,” a former gangster girl in foster care. Through a powerful protagonist, Dream demonstrates that no matter who or where you come from, excellence is possible.

“I’m not a foster child. I’m in foster care,” explains Kate. This fearless heroine defies labels. LOVE ME OR MISS ME personifies greatness. Dream Jordan’s work signifies hope for underestimated children all across the world.


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